D-Max the pick-up from Isuzu

Powered by the famous Isuzu diesel engine and with various drive configurations; 4X2 as well as 4X4 and a choice of a manual 5 speed transmission or Automatic for the 4X4 double cabin.

Isuzu pick-ups come with the standard cargo body, or for more space and to avoid the wheel arches, with a flat deck cargo body.

One can also chose a single cab, extended cab or double cab. There are some limitations for these combinations, but our web site has a very practical tool to enable the browser to build a pick-up of choice taking into consideration what is permissible automatically.

The Isuzu pick-up enjoys one of the most economical fuel consumption figures; according to SASO, the Standard Organization of Saudi Arabia, which mandates that all pick-up manufacturers display fuel consumption figures prominently, awarded the D-Max the “Excellent” grade. The best on the SASO grading system.

The D-Max lives up to the strong reputation of all Isuzu products: a reliable and rugged workhorse that is economical to operate and comfortable to drive.

Please feel free to build-your own D-Max through the tool provided, then call us for a test drive.

We shall always be ready to demonstrate to you that with the D-Max you make the right choice.